Logged in this afternoon only to see that I was banned for a week for griefing, which surprised me as this is the first time I've ever been banned in my 8 years of playing Minecraft.

1. What rule did you break?

As stated in the title, I was banned for griefing.

2. How did you violate this rule?

This is what I'm somewhat unsure about, but while exploring the jungle hoping to find a good spot to get a Mew, I found a base with a breeding area that was made of coal, iron, and gold blocks. Strangely the ranch area was unclaimed, so I assumed the area was long abandoned and I looted the blocks, as I was going to make a ranch area myself at my own base, and a load of free mineral blocks would make my job easier.

3. Why did you violate this rule?

I believed the area was abandoned because it wasn't claimed. I was also unaware that no griefing was even a rule, due to land claims existing on the server. On many other servers I played on, anything outside your claim was for the taking.

4. Why do you believe you should have your punishment removed

I believe my punishment should be removed because I was unaware of the rules. There is no "Rules" section on the forums and the only books you get when joining the server is a "Welcome to HappyCloud" book and a land claim guide. I also never would have taken the blocks if I knew the area was still being used.

5. If you have your punishment removed, what actions will you take to ensure that you do not break any server rules again?

I'd check and see if /rules is a thing. Even if it isn't, I wouldn't go around looting player-built structures if they are unclaimed.

If this appeal goes through, I'll happily rebuild anything that was deemed "griefed". I'm not one to break server rules, so if I did anything wrong, I'd be more than happy to fix it.

IGN is Torch13