1. What rule did you break?
I used a pokeradar mod on the server which was not allowed i think
2. How did you violate this rule?
used the mod on the server
3. Why did you violate this rule?
did not know it was a violation of the servers rule so I thought i could use it
4. Why do you believe you should have your punishment removed?
I honestly did not know using a pokeradar was bad on this server because i know there are other servers that allow the use of it
5. If you are have your punishment removed, what actions will you take to ensure that you do not break any server rules again?
promise to never use the pokeradar on the server again and make sure to read the rules of the server so I dont violate any others

I am serious about not knowing that using pokeradar was a violation of the server and I promise to never use it again