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Mute Appeal (SomeRandomPetey)

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1. What rule did you break?
Excessive language and inappropriate jokes
2. How did you violate this rule?
In the chat, I saw someone mention "child p*rn" and thought it would be funny to type "i lOvE cHiLd p*rN" in the chat, which was stupid of me.
3. Why did you violate this rule?
I thought it would be funny to reply in a sarcastic way to something, but I didn't think of how people would react.
4. Why do you believe your punishment should be removed?
I believe I should still be muted for a week, but a perm mute seemed too harsh to me for what I thought was a joke.
5. If you have your punishment removed, what actions will you take to ensure that you do not break any server rules again?
I will try to be less vulgar when speaking in chat, not trying to make any jokes that are even just a little inappropriate. I completely understand if you reject this appeal, it was my mistake, and I should deal with the consequences.
Posted Jan 25, 19 · OP
Mikirae a
Mikirae @ Happy Cloud
Just want to say that you were unmuted forever ago, but you never came back in the server to check.
Posted Feb 3, 19
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