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We should get keys from donating with the ranks.

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When you donate the 10 fuck the great rank you should get like 3 rare keys and then for the 25 dollar on you should get like 3 rare and 3 epics then so on above that like the dream rank you should also get legendary keys since it's 50 bucks for that rank but that's just me saying this I donated to get the ultra rank and I feel like if you guys add keys to the ranks you would get more donations and then give all the people that have already donated the keys you guys come up with for the ranks. Also you guys should look into doing like drop party's with keys and the special shiny papers and all that shit to get the community all together. Just ideas but I think it would help it out a lot.
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Posted Apr 14, 18 · OP
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I agree so much. In addition i wish there was more stuff to buy on the donation store. This is a great server and i wish there was more things in the store which would help get the server more moneys. I would always totally throw my money at this server but sadly theres not much i can purchase and it annoys me xD
Posted Apr 23, 18