Hello, everyone, and welcome to our Youtube and Twitch forums!

This thread will give some general rules and guidelines to follow when using this section of the forums. Please follow them! Be aware, just because something is not listed here does not necessarily mean it is allowed!


  • Content - The videos, gifs, or streams that were created and posted here.
  • Thread - The post containing the content.
  • Creator - The individual who created the content. (This is assumed to be the creator of the thread as well.)
  • User - A member of this forum who is not the creator of the thread they are viewing.

General Rules:

  • All content posted here must be the creator's or a collaboration between the creator and others.
  • All content posted here must be recorded on the Happy Cloud server.
  • Keep all non-content material appropriate.
  • Mark all content accordingly and noticeably.
  • Do not be disrespectful.


For creators,
  • Give the thread a meaningful title. "This is my video" is better than "adfilads."
  • Only the content needs to be in the post. There is no need to put any description with the link or video, but feel free to add one!
  • Only non-"pg" content needs to be marked. If no foul language or inappropriate behavior is included in the content, no marking/warning is necessary.
  • Put markings/warnings at the beginning of the title of the thread, so that it is noticeable by the time a user clicks to view the thread.
  • "Mature" is a sufficient tag for all content needing marking. However, more specific warnings can be used if desired: "Bad Language," "Pokemon Killing," "Murdering Mikirae" etc.
  • Be open to suggestions. It is hard to improve if other opinions are not considered.

For users,
  • Provide constructive criticism. Give suggestions to the creators for how to improve!
  • Create a discussion with other users enjoying the content.
  • Enjoy the content!

Now that the basics are covered, let us go over each category.


Short Clips
This section is for videos that are short, which will try to keep under 5 minutes. Maybe you and your friend had a quick battle and recorded it. Or maybe you were stalking Mikirae and he did not notice you for a few minutes. Either way, put it here!

Let's Plays
This section is for Let's Plays! If you are recording your progress in the game and want us to see it too, this is where to put it!

Stream In Progress
Not a fan of video editing and prefer to stream? Link it here! Put your in-game name in the title and stream link in the post! No need to re-post your link, just bump your old post when you start another stream on the server!

Stream Archives
Had a good stream but not everyone got to see it? Put it here so others know there was a stream and can see what happened.

Random Videos
This section is for videos that just do not fit another category. Maybe you recorded a tournament, and it's not short, not really a let's play, and you didn't stream it? Well, here is where you put it!

This completes the general rules and guidelines. Please check here for any updates!

Happy gaming and enjoy the content!